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Coming home

The tale of the 9 little wiggles

After a 3rd attempt on Sally becoming Mummy it has finally happened to us! The day we found out we are expecting puppies we were overjoyed. We were told there are 7 possibly 8 babies, so when 9 little puppies came to this world via c- section we screamed from happiness. To think that there are 9 families that are going to be blessed with forever friend is so joyful.

9 little wiggles

When we first saw them they were sooooo tiny and fragile. Hidden in the basket on the heat pack nice and cosy. Mummy walked out out of the surgery on her own feet but os soon as we got home she went straight to sleep in her bed. Puppies had a feed straight after birth at the Vet and once 2 hours since the last feed stroke we brought puppies to Sally's bed. As soon as they smelled her they started to wiggle and wiggle till they made it to the milky titties. It was amazing to watch them find a way to a teat and how satisfying it was for them to drink her gold liquid. Sally who is a back sleeper rolled over and just let them suckle till satisfied. We stayed throughout the whole feed and watched them like a hawk, we had this ideal whelping box ready for her to use but we knew she needed to be comfortable so we allowed her to stay in her bed and recover and take puppies away after each feed so they all can her some rest.

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