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Welcome to the world puppies!

PUPPY BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT 📣 On 28th of August at 10:50 pm Daisy gave birth to 4 puppies, with first one being born as predicted on my bed minutes after my last post. It is a much smaller litter than we’ve hoped for but Daisy is pleased 😂 Sadly one black girl had claft palate (ridge inside her mouth which stops her from latching on) so she’s been donated to rescue where she will be tube fed around the clock until she’s old enough for corrective surgery. Once she heals she will be adopted so fingers crossed she pulls through. These beautiful babies are perfect, vet checked and thriving. They are absolutely stunning and so big. Daisy has so much milk and they don’t have to fight other puppies for teat so they are growing rapidly. Daisy birthed them all within an hour and she didn’t even sound as if in pain. She popped them out with one little squeal. Daisy adores her puppies and does not leave their sight and neither do I. Me and my daughter Nellie provided puppies with around the clock supervision since they have been born and are now out of the danger zone. On the other note Sally did not come near the puppies worrying she’ll have to do it all over again (haha) and I have not seen the cat for a few days now apart from feed time (poor Tigga, Daisy made it clear for him to stay away). All puppies are already adopted and there were lots of disappointed families who were hoping for a puppy but hopefully we’ll have those babies for them on next litter. Now Daisy is resting, loving her own squeaky toys and watching them like a hawk.

Little girl

Little boy

Little girl

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